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Meet the world’s smallest & lightest live GPS Tracker

Small and powerful, NutTAG™ SEEK PRO GPS is a user-friendly and simple solution for real-time positioning so you can keep track of your kids, pets, motor vehicles, luggage – or anything that moves, via the Online Portal and mobile App.

Set a safety region on your app to enable geo-fence alerts, access up to 4 weeks of historical footprints, emergency SOS button and up to 30 days rechargeable battery life.

Accessories Available: Vehicle AUX Power + Pets Collar + Lanyard

What is GPS? GPS is used for real-time or live tracking, see location activity and manage your GPS features via the easy to use Mobile App and Web Portal.

Why use a GPS? Simple. High value items, those you cannot live without. There is no alternative to live tracking to ensure the safety of your most valuable items, there are also an abundance of features and settings like geo-fence which you can activate via the App for added security.

What is required for us, here in Australia? The majority of GPS units available on the international market are made for use on 2G cell service. In 2017 Australia has forced the upgrade of all cell active services to 3G / 4G. Our GPS products are fully certified to meet Australian & International standards – so they are compatible in Aus as well as anywhere else in the world.

On-going costs? Contracts? Our SIM cards are embedded in our device and charged with 12 months of data – so they are ready for use out of the box. There are no contracts, so you can let the data expire and not renew if you choose.

Recharging Data? You will be contacted by our friendly connections staff to renew your SIM Data plan - from $95 per year.

Why is the SIM Card and Data so cheap! We purchase 75,000 SIMS each month, so we are happy to pass on our wholesale rate.

Seek PRO GPS charging cradle

Geo-Fence / Safety Region Receive alerts whenever SEEK PRO GPS is in proximity of your custom safe or danger zones.

Ultra Long Rechargeable battery With up to 30 days standby, the visibilty you need is always reliably available. 

Emergency SOS For emergency situations activate the on-board SOS button to receive instant alerts via your App.

Historical Location Records Access a footprint showing up to 4 weeks location information.

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Pets, Kids, Vehicles, Travel, Adventure, Elderly, Dementia, Alzheimers  



Nutale GPS units

Web Management Portal (PC, Mac, Laptop, iPad) 

Mobile App (Iphone & Android)

Live Trackng (Adjustable Reporting Interval)

SOS / Distress Alert 

Device location (historical / present)

Notifications - Battery levels / Alerts

Geo-Fence breach / entry alerts 

Listen in feature (in built mic)

SMS location reporting (set multiple recipients via Web Portal)

Email location reporting (set multiple recipients via Web Portal)

Fall / Collision Alert

Accelerometer (Dormant stationary)

Key chain ready

Rechargeable battery

Less than 8 grams

GPS Specifications

Prevent accidents with custom Safety Zones and Emergency SOS

Use Zone Alerts to set up virtual fences and receive alerts when your things or loved ones move in or out of the zone. With Multiple Geo-Fence Safety Zones supported you can create as many as required, so you can be confident that the things most important to you are always safe.

Historical Location Records

View 24 hours of location history in the app anytime so you always have a track record or check the complete location records showing the last 28 days in your NutTAG SEEK GPS web portal.

There is no alternative to Live Tracking to ensure the safety of your most valuable items

Rest easy knowing that your valuables are safe with SEEK PRO GPS. Create geofences to be alerted whenever items cross the set boundary. Finding your valuables becomes simple - youcan be directed to their live location from inside your App.

First Release Sale get your sleek NutTAG SEEK PRO GPS 

Tiny to hold, but with unlimited applications SEEK PRO GPS helps you protect the things that matter. 

With market leading battery life backed up by a host of features designed to safe-guard assets and loved ones, SEEK PRO provides the security you need, currently at a price you can’t refuse. 

$349.00 RRP NOW $199.00 *Free Delivery 

Web Portal & Mobile App Included.

SEEK GPS Device Package

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NutTAG SEEK GPS Technology 

NutTAG SEEK PRO GPS uses Global Positioning technology to help you locate your items accuratly anywhere in the world via your Online portal or mobile App. NutTAG's patent European chip harnesses a learning algorithm which adapts to your environment and usage. The easy to use smart phone application updates the NutTAG SEEK GPS monthly with learned software and security settings. SEEK GPS uses a SIM card to connect wih the cellular network to allow for highy accurate Aus wide and international tracking in any environment. 

* 12 Month Access & 7 Day Support Plan are pre-paid. Plan includes unlimited data per month for standard usage within Australia. NutTAG customer service can be contacted 7 days at –


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